Nora’s Story 1

Nora was in Stonybook University hospital from 5/31-6/4. Her marrow is failing, she is not making blood and is neutropenic. Good news is, it is not leukemia. Bad news is, the doctors have no idea what it is. She is home now but is very susceptible to germs and she could dangerously bleed if she falls or hurts/cuts herself.

She has gotten a few transfusions and we are still waiting on the DNA/RNA/Blood tests. She had her third blood test and platelet replacement yesterday and had a second bone marrow biopsy today.

By next Tuesday, all the results of all the tests will be in and we should have a clearer idea just what’s going on. The doctors think it is one of two things:

1. (worse case) It’s a blood disorder called aplastic anemia and she’ll need either immunosuppressive drug therapy and possibly a bone marrow transplant. (Arik’s DNA is currently being tested for compatibility.) The transplant will have to be done in the city. It requires chemotherapy to kill her marrow cells, and Arik will have to take medication to “grow” marrow for her. The whole process takes about a year.


2. It’s a virus attacking her marrow and she’ll be able to get transfusions, anti-
virals & platelets and it will run its course.

We are apologizing ahead of time if we do not call you back, respond to emails, are ridiculously forgetful, bossy or weepy. We are focusing EVERYTHING on Nora’s healing. Her health is our only priority.

Please do not call as we have been averaging 20 calls a day and it is exhausting to repeat the same (lack of) information over and over. We will keep you all abreast of her condition via email and Facebook as we can get the word out to a large group at once.

Thank you so much for all your offers of help and all the love sent our way we truly appreciate it. If we need anything we will not be shy about asking.

Please keep Nora in your prayers. We need a miracle.


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