Nora’s Story 3

Nora is on day 4 of her treatment and hopefully comes home tomorrow.

The first day she went in for surgery to get her central line in her chest and began her Immunosuppressive Drug Treatment. She was attached to the IV receiving a slow drip of the drugs for 9 hours. They had her in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) because she kept spiking fevers in response to the intense treatment. On day two, she moved to the Neutropenic Clean Room and developed hives and petechia (broken blood vessels under the skin due to low platelets) from the steroids she has to take. On day three, she was feeling nauseous and ate barely a thing. Day four, she had a reaction to Benedryl (given to stop the hives) and got a sudden migraine that was so painful she needed morphine.
Each day the treatment gets tougher and tougher. Yet, each day she wakes up in the morning ready to attack the day. This morning she got up at 6AM asked for hard boiled eggs and blueberry pancakes, took a sponge bath, and asked to go do a workout. We put on her mask and walked the halls until 10AM when the playroom opened. She made a kite and a picture for her doctor then asked to play Wii (we don’t have video games at home so this is a real treat) and she asked to do boxing cause she wanted to beat up the bad blood inside of her!!!! (She had 3 KO’s BTW) Later, she was talking to the child-life psychologist and said, “Good thing is, I don’t have cancer so I won’t lose my hair. Bad thing is I am on horse steroids and may get scruffys… you should really mix my medicine with cancer medicine so nothing happens to all of our hair. They don’t want to be bald, and I don’t want to look like a horse.”

If you walked into her room you would have no idea she is sick except for the tubes, wires and machines attached to her body… She is smiling, joking with the nurses, flirting with her favorite resident. Kicking EVERYONE’s  tush at UNO. (seriously, do not play her, she is a hustler.) She may be getting a bit of “roid rage.” She kicked me as I tried to give her some horrible tasting medicine (think fish oil, whiskey, with the consistency of rotten egg yokes). But she apologized and swallowed it down quick after I flashed the patented “mom face.” We can’t wait to see what happens when we have to give her a shot once a day for a few months! Things are about to get crazy interesting in the Getchell household… GOD FILL US WITH GRACE!

She is in good spirits and the hardest part is through. She will get platelets and blood tomorrow morning, then we will come home. The house will be sanitized and my new perfume will be Eau d’ Clorox, but she will be here and on her road to recovery… that’s all that matters.

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all of you — our friends and family. You all have been such a tremendous support. Without your help and prayers we would be lost.

THANK YOU. Those two words are just too small.

Please keep her in your prayers… pray she heals.


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