Nora’s Story 5

Things are moving along with Nora’s treatment. She is getting a “chubby cheek” look from the steroids and her appetite is voracious! Her white blood count is moving up nicely and so is her hemoglobin. The doctors are perplexed as to why she seems to be unable to keep her platelet numbers up. She is sucking down bag after bag of them. She is only supposed to be taking in one bag a week but she needs two. Good news is her neutrophils (the things that make is so she has to be anti-social for fear of germs) have doubled from 200 to 400… Only 1100 to go!

She and Arik have been thinking of the medical center as their day camp. Since they have such great programs like art therapy and visitors like Kimbo the Clown. They take full advantage of every visit and try to make it fun. The nurses love Nora and love to see the ideas she comes up with for her art classes. Yesterday was a paper hat that would lower from the ceiling to adorn whoever was sitting on the “throne” (the lazy boy she has to sit in during transfusions). The hat, if made from felt instead of paper, could easily fit in at a royal wedding. Maybe jewelry designer isn’t the only designing she will be doing when she grows up!

Don’t forget to come down to the MBPOA on Tuesday, July 26th from 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM to donate blood or platelets and give your support. The MBPOA will pay for the first 50 cheek swabs for anyone willing to donate bone marrow. After the first 50, the price is $52 (discounted from $100).  You will be entered into the National Registry—not just for Nora—you may match a person anywhere in the world and may be called at any time until you are 60 yrs old.

Bone Marrow donation is a serious commitment and requires serious thought. There are risks and side effects if you are chosen to donate marrow. Discuss your decision with your family or friends when you join the registry. You may need their support if you are ever contacted as a match. If you match a patient, your commitment to donate is very important, but you have the right to change your mind. However, a late decision to not donate can be life-threatening to a patient. So please think seriously about your commitment before joining the registry.

The MBPOA is having a raffle for the Nora Fund. There are some really cool prizes (kayaks, boating supplies, spa basket etc…) to be raffled off at the MBPOA Crabfest on August 28th. If you can’t make the blood drive please buy a $10 raffle ticket. Send a check to the MBPOA “Nora Fund” at PO Box 212 Mastic Beach NY 11951 call 631-399-6111 for more information. The money will be used to offset the cost of the Bone Marrow donations.

We ask that you all continue to pray for her healing. If you could please tell everyone you know to give blood and sign up for the Bone Marrow registry you will be saving a life with each donation.

Thank you so much for all the gifts and generous donations for her medical bills, grocery cards, and gas cards. You are all truly angels!


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