This is Bear. I love him.

Me and Bear 2007

He has been with me my whole life. I had him in the hospital when I was born and in the hospital now.

Me and bear come home from the hospial in June 2011

Bear and me come home from the hospital

He is my best friend, same as Daddy, Mommy, Arik my brother and Nugget my dog.

I can’t sleep without Bear. He keeps me safe. He is real. He is very good at hide and go seek. Once I left him on my bed and went to school and came home and he was hiding on my book shelf. Another time he was in the living room and when I came home he was playing the drums in my room! He is sometimes naughty and I have to say, “No bear.” like the time he did cartwheels in church and made Msgr. John laugh.


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