Thank you for giving.

We want to thank all the wonderful people who came out to support our daughter Nora at the blood drive on July 26th at the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association.

We had such an overwhelming response. People came from all over Long Island! The MBPOA quickly went through the 50 swabs they sponsored and quickly approved the payment of another 50 swabs totaling 100 new people added to the Bone Marrow Registry. Because of the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association’s extremely generous donation — a life may be saved.

We are having another blood drive on August 9th. Please sign up at to schedule an appointment.

There are not enough thank you’s in the world for me to show my gratitude toward the NY Blood Services Staff, Kate Browning, the MBPOA and all the people who supported Nora by staying late into the night with blood donations, monetary donations and purchasing raffle tickets to pay for the swabs.

We had so many wonderful volunteers. The MBPOA and Kate Browning put the drives together and made personal donations. Kate’s entire office and the Town of Brookhaven highway department came by to help. Our local trattoria John Pizza/Angie’s Restaurant on Neighborhood Road donated pizza, baked ziti and eggplant parmesan to feed the volunteers and blood service workers. Lou Marcoccia the Town of Brookhaven Receiver of Taxes came by and personally made a donation.

Not only did Nora’s friends and family donate. Her teachers came out, the librarians from the MMS community library donated blood. The staff at St. Jude RC Church came. The Suffolk County Police Department, the Parks Police, the Coast Guard, a guy came from the Air Force in fatigues! Mastic Beach Ambulance made a donation. We had two people spend hours on their birthdays donating blood for Nora. One woman rode her bike from Woodbury and is planning to do the Smith Point Triathlon to raise money for Nora. People came as far away as New Jersey and Connecticut. Their support for a perfect stranger made us quite emotional. Our whole family is so grateful.

We had a whole bunch of people come out on a whim. People from Smithtown, Brookhaven, Islip, Huntington, Nassau and Queens! One gentleman came from Ronkonkoma because he saw a newspaper article while getting his car fixed and wanted to help Nora. He stayed until 11:30PM!

The event had a joyous atmosphere. People were making new friends while doing something really great for Nora. Hopefully Nora will find her match from this drive — or even better — maybe a few of the THOUSANDS of children who need a bone marrow transplant will find their angel.

So many people came that we have set up another day. As we call people to make appointments people who were turned away on the 26th are being so kind. They are ready, willing and able to come to the next drive on the 9th. We continually find ourselves being moved by the love these people have for a complete stranger.

The goodness and kindness in the hearts of all the wonderful people who gave — and are going to give — is just so inspirational. The compassion… was truly touching. These people are not only the best on Long Island, they are the best in the world! We witnessed the finest of humanity at our blood drive. We cannot wait to do it again.

Please, if you get a chance, come down on the 9th and see goodness in action.
Our gratitude is limitless. We are just hoping and praying that Nora gets better and we are given the opportunity to pay it forward.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Shawn, Maureen, Arik and Nora Getchell


2 thoughts on “Thank you for giving.

  1. How AMAZING!!! What a touching post. I’m so happy there was such a great turnout!! Nora’s such a terrific kid, her spirit is reaching out and touching so many people! Yay LI for making it out and making a difference! Love to you from Cali! Xoxo

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