Nora 8

Hi everyone! Its been awhile since we have sent out an email or updated her blog. Nora has been doing FANTASTIC! After the first blood drive, July 26th, her neutrophils (what keeps her in for fear of germs) doubled from 300 to 600. Then the day of the second blood drive (August 9th) they shot up to 4000!!!!! Well in normal range! She’s no longer Neutropenic!!!!

The doctor was shocked. She even made some platelets! Just goes to show how the power of collective positive thoughts (prayer) focused on one person can heal. Modern medical technology doesn’t hurt either but the jump that far that fast had to be all of you willing her healthy. THANK YOU!!

Nora spent August 9th at the blood drive. It was her first day out in a crowd since the Memorial Day Parade. She was so excited. Her friends Jake and Miles were out from Brooklyn and her new friend Erin who gave blood, sat with her to help her draw. She was so happy to have pizza! Realize she has been on a neutropenic diet since June 1st. Which means she has only eaten food that Shawn has cooked to death or (poor child) what I have made for her. From June1st to August 9th no restaurants, no takeout, no pizza. Just ponder that for a moment. NO PIZZA.

As far as the blood drives go… the two MBPOA drives (Thanks Lynne & the MBPOA), The Innovation Stone Drive (Thanks Mom), Nassau Courts (Thanks Ann-Marie) and the Brooklyn Courts (Thanks Maureen) blood drives we have collected over 500 pints of blood! We also have swabbed 150 potential bone marrow donors! There are two more drives coming up in the next few months. One, my dear friend Diana is putting together, in Brooklyn. And thanks to Aida and Fr. Greg, our church, St. Jude is also having a blood and marrow drive on October 7th (if you donated in July or early August, you can donate again at St. Jude!) turns out that there are two kids in our parish that also have bone marrow diseases. So we are looking to get everyone swabbed to help them find a match too!

On the 21st we went to the snapper derby. We caught not a single fish, but to be out in the world with other people made a great day. We also went to the beach. Nora is turning into quite the fish. She jumps over waves like a pro. Next year body surfing! (when bruising is not an issue)

Due to hurricane Irene, The MBPOA Crabfest has been cancelled. Which is a bummer, we were really looking forward to the event. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS If you have yet to return your raffle tickets, you still have more time send them in!!!! Send to PO Box 212 Mastic Beach, NY 11951. The raffle will be pulled at a new event, a CRAB CAKE DINNER! So come on down to the clubhouse at 31 Neighborhood Road and have a plate of crab-cakes, fries and coleslaw for $6. (Can’t beat that!) They also serve $3 top-shelf mixed drinks, beer, wine and free soda. ($2 for members) is these guys awesome or what! Not only do they throw 2 blood drives, sponsor and run the raffle but they feed us for pennies too!!! THANK YOU MBPOA!

Will keep you posted on Nora in the next few weeks after we get back into our back-to-school schedule. I’m home-schooling Nora. I’m a bit nervous… in an excited way! Wish us luck!

Love, Maureen

P.S. She went to the clinic on tuesday her neutrophil ANC are 9900 no more shots everyday!!!! Woo Hoo!


2 thoughts on “Nora 8

  1. Hi Nora,
    Bruce & I had to evacuate our home during Hurricane Irene. So we packed all the animals into the car and left Mastic Beach. Juliette never went on a road trip until that day. She meowed for 90 minutes but Romeo never said anything, he was so good. When we got to our house in Vermont 6 hours later Juliette was so happy to be free and explore her new surroundings.
    On the car ride back to Mastic Beach Juliette cried again but then she settled down and went to sleep. When I let her out of the carrier in our yard so meowed so loud and was surprised to see all the stuff that had washed up on our lawn. She didn’t like the smell and kept meowing very loudly.
    Now she’s back to her usual self…bossing Romeo around and thinking she’s the QUEEN of everything.
    I hope you felt safe with your family during the storm.
    If you can, come by and say hello to Juliette & me.
    😀 Lorraine & Bruce

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