Nora 11

Hi everyone!

It has been awhile since we updated you guys on Nora’s progress. She seems to be responding to the Immunosuppressive Drug Therapy. She has been holding steady with her complete blood counts. She is not gaining any ground, but she is not losing any either.

We have been home schooling and that has been interesting. We go on lots of ‘walks and talks’ Nugget seems to really like it! Her teacher Mrs Reynolds comes by every night for two hours to tutor her. She is amazing!!!! Thank you Mrs. Reynolds for everything you do!

With Halloween coming up, Nora is going to be going as a doctor since she has to wear her surgical mask anyway! She has plans for going to the Stonybrook pediatric hematology/oncology trick-or-treat-extravaganza and to the MBPOA Halloween Bash as well as the Brookville Halloween party so she should get some good milage out of this costume!

St. Jude had a blood and bone marrow drive last week. They collected 78 pints and 30 bone marrow swabs. Hopefully one of these good people will match Nora. Unfortunately, no one from the other drives has matched Nora. : (

We will be watching to see how Nora continues to respond to her drug therapy. In the meantime we are planning a few more fundraisers for the upcoming months. Maybe a golf tournament, concert and/or a 5K race. We need to raise the money so we can get more people swabbed as Bone Marrow Donors. Each test is $52. If you can’t be a donor, would you consider paying for someone to become one? The odds are 1 in 20,000 a stranger may match Nora. We’ve swabbed 235… only 19,765 more swabs to go… at a cost of $1,027,780 which currently seems daunting but we know with our amazing friends and family — and a little time — we’ll find her a match. Donations can be mailed to “Friends of Nora Getchell” at PO Box 212 mastic Beach NY 11951. Thank you so much for your generosity!

For all our friends that are in the city, our good friends Diana and Matt are sponsoring a blood drive in Nora’s name. The drive will be on October 29th between 10AM and 3PM at P.S. 139 located at 330 Rugby Road (1st Floor) in Brooklyn so if you are eligible to give, please make an appointment!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers, gifts of time and very generous donations. We could not go through this time without all of your support.

We love you!

The Getchell’s
Shawn, Maureen, Arik and Nora


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