Cross Country Swabapalooza!

Hi everyone,

Nora did really great at the hospital on Thursday. She had her biopsy and aspiration done. We won’t have the results back until after Christmas because we need to map her genes again to make sure they haven’t mutated and that takes time. Her back hurts a bit but she is running around almost “normal” again. Thank you all for the prayers calls and emails. You are all so wonderful.

I am however, asking another favor from all of you. “The Friends of Nora Getchell” and the “Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry” want to do a “Swabapalooza” for January. We want to get 2000 people swabbed by the end of the month. Which means I need YOU to either help coordinate these efforts, help raise funds so we can pay for all these swabs, or get swabbed.

What I need from each of you is…
Find a big place: A School, Churches, Temples, Mosques, Meditation Centers, Colleges, Country Clubs, VFWs, KOC Halls, Libraries, Corporate Lobbies, Boardrooms, Retail spaces, Sports Clubs, Arenas, Fire houses, Police precincts, Ambulances, Gyms, Dojos, Pools, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Wineries (Food and drink do not affect the swabbing!) etc. etc. etc. Where do you like to go? Do it there! Make it a party!!!!

Dates and Times: You need a 4 hour block of time to have a really successful drive.

Lots of volunteers: Hit your local, colleges, high schools and churches (most kids are looking to do community service) also call your local representatives — they are a wealth of information/contacts and WANT TO WORK FOR YOU. Especially to do something so good and they already have the network in place to do it. This is the sort of thing they love!!!!

Tables & Chairs: You will need At least 3-4 tables and 20-30 chairs. If you can do a BIG drive make it 6-10 tables and 50+ chairs. The size of your drive will depend on how many volunteers you can get.

Yummy Treats. Water, juice, cookies.

Get the word out: “Be the match” will send you flyers, jpegs, and press releases that you can type in your locations and dates and send to your local media outlets. Send out emails, post on social media and call everyone you know.

If you are interested in being a part of “Swabapalooza” send me your info ASAP and I will have your local “Be The Match” representative get in touch with you.

possible locations:
tentative january/february dates:

Thank you so much!!!! I’ll put all the info on Nora’s blog.
Maureen Getchell (Nora’s Mom)

Hi Maureen,

It was a pleasure to speak with you just now! Please give Nora a big hug for me .
To recap our conversation:
For 50 or less registrants you’ll need:
1. 3-4 tables
2. 30 chairs
3. 3-4 volunteers
4. 4 hours or less for the drive

For 50 or more registrants you’ll need:
1. 6-8 tables
2. 50 chairs
3. 6-8 volunteers
4. 4 hours solid for the drive

I’m a big fan of having refreshments at the drive, so yummy treats and water/juice would be nice to have on hand. If you expect lots of kids at the events, you might want to have a dvd/TV with a movie or a play area for them so mom and dad can swab in peace. J

As soon as I get the list of names, emails, telephone #s, locations and tentative dates, I will push those out to the Regional Directors to assign. I will respond back to you with the name of the supervisor or recruiter who will be working with your friend or family member.

If you need ANYTHING, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time – email and cell phone are best!

Have a great evening and I am really excited to work with you and your network of friends and family. J

Enjoy your weekend!

Nadya Dutchin
National Account Executive, R&CD
PO Box 6478, Columbia, MD 21045
Phone – 877-601-1926 x 7727 Mobile – (443) 472-1446, Fax- (612) 294-4477

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