Virtual Bone Marrow Drive

Happy New Year

Give the gift of LIFE. PLEASE…we need your help. We have 6 weeks to find a marrow match for Nora.

We are doing a virtual bone marrow drive. Please see the attached flier for information on how to order a “mouth swab kit” by mail.

Go to When you enter your information, it will ask you for a promo code. Please put NG2012. (That will tell us how many people are registering for Nora.)

It’s free, easy and it doesn’t matter where in the country you live – you can participate. To be a donor, you must be 18-44 and in good health (the guidelines are on the site).

If you’re a match, there are one of two ways the doctor may perform the marrow aspiration. One is by directly removing the marrow with a needle from the donor’s hip bone. The other is through a series of a few blood draws. Both have the donor back on his/her feet in no time!

Please consider helping. If it were your child, you’d want everyone to help. Also, please post this to your facebook status, twitter feeds and spread the word via email!

THANK YOU and let’s pray for a Christmas miracle.


One thought on “Virtual Bone Marrow Drive

  1. Just ordered my kit will continue to spread the word hopefully we find a match fast also go to the bone marrow foundation maybe they can help with the medical cost it’s for children

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