Today is Nora’s 7th birthday and it is a good one. She woke up at the crack of early, woke up her brother then jumped back in bed and demanded he wake her with a birthday surprise. So he jumped into her room and screamed, “SURPRISE NORA HAPPY BIRTHDAY” she of course had her best “surprise face” for him. 

She then proceeded to open her presents. A blanket I knitted for her (first try at knitting since I was her age) A dress, Flower wands, A skip it, A tiara, A grow bug, Glow sticks, Art supplies, A mini gorilla pillow pet and a Wheel of Fortune Scratch Off lottery ticket (sorry it was a loser). She was thrilled! She spent the morning playing with her new toys while her daddy made her bacon wrapped donuts. She asked for them, why I do not know, but since it was her birthday he obliged saying, “At least she doesn’t want a meat turtle.” (google it).

We went to church then she went to religion class with Barbara where she played chinese checkers and received a gift certificate to beacons cottage (her favorite store). Then we went to her school where we handed out cupcakes and juice boxes. All her friends were so happy to see her. They all made her cards. They are all so cute.

After school we went to pick up Grandma from the Ferry and went out to dinner to hibachi. Tai Show in Setauket it was delish as usual. THEN we went to the ice cream cottage to get her a cake. (The day was a typical Getchell eat-fest) We are all desperately need to eat salads and workout tomorrow but right now we are bloated and happy. 

Nora is doing well. She had a bone marrow biopsy on Monday at Sloan. More genetic tests went out and we should have the results in two weeks. The doctor said he was surprised to see as much marrow as he did and lowered her dose of cyclosporine. The donors are being contacted so if you get a call for more testing in the next few weeks you may be one of Nora’s matches.  

Right now we are just making sure she stays healthy. Keep praying for her.

God Bless you all.

The Getchells


One thought on “Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to Nora! What a wonderful day for all of you to share. Very special indeed.
    I am keeping you all in my prayers.
    Love to all, Lynn Mace

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