Nora 18

Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t emailed in awhile, but we just been waiting on the doctors and the donors. The donors have been contacted and have been asked to give blood. (If you were blood tested to be a donor in the past two weeks you may be her donor!)

We are down to three potential donors now. We feel so blessed to have such choices!

Nora is weaning off her cyclosporine. The hair hasn’t fallen off her back, and her gums haven’t receded yet, but we are waiting patiently!

We were supposed to go to Sloan today but Dr. B has the flu! Since she is in no way able to be near those kind of germs we won’t be back for a week or so. It looks like we will be close to our late April/early May estimates for the transplant. Nora is hoping she can get to her friend Layla’s Cancer Remission/6 Year-old Birthday Party on April 15th.

Shawn and I have been trying our best to cross our T’s and dot our I’s. Taxes are done… CHECK! Thank you cards except to immediate family and closest friends… CHECK! Shopping for the hospital… CHECK! We are planning on painting while she is in the hospital (if anyone wants to help, you are invited!) Picked paints… CHECK!

The Frances Pope Foundation graciously offered to pay for Nora’s out-patient stay. We cannot thank you enough!!!!

Arik will be receiving his First Communion of May 12th. Both he and Nora are bit bummed that she cannot be there. But she saw him in his suit (thank you Grandma for shopping). She seems to be OK with missing out since she was able to see the butterflies at Atlantis today and saw the Lorax at the hospital last week.

We are just waiting and enjoying our days as a whole family as much as we can.
I’ll keep you all posted!

We love you all so very much!
Shawn, Maureen, Arik and Nora Getchell


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