Nora 21

Hi Everyone,

We had a little scare this weekend.

It was Arik’s first communion and after the Mass we had a small party. Nora was having a wonderful time with her cousins and friends. Late in the evening, she was playing tag with our Alter Servers, Rebecca & Ryan—then she tripped and stubbed her toe. She actually split her second toenail in half horizontally. It wouldn’t stop bleeding so… “PARTY’S OVER, Nora has to go to the hospital.” We got to Stony Brook around 7PM and the doctor ordered her a complete blood count, antibiotics—and when the counts came back—platelets. Once she was all “juiced” up, the doctor removed her toenail. Yes, she screamed like she was at Guantanamo. We got home somewhere around 3:30AM. Happy Mother’s Day to me! (Is the sarcasm coming through?)

We were worried about her transplant and if this would set her admission date back.

This morning we went to Sloan she had her counts done again and we found out she is again neutropenic. (Cannot fight infection.) But surprisingly, the toe looks good. Just scabby. Thank you blood donor for your platelets! (Please Give Blood!) So we went to the radiation lab and saw how Total Body Radiation works, the room, the machine that will zap her, the place she can talk to people outside the room… We were told that there is a robot that takes the zapped blood and carries it to the different labs for testing. She is VERY anxious to meet R2D2 and hopes on its lunch break it can stop by and visit her everyday in her room. (Kids crack me up.)

So the transplant is a GO! We will be at the hospital this Friday and transplant is the following Thursday.

Please keep her in your prayers!
Love the Getchell’s


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