Nora 22

Nora was admitted to Sloan Kettering on May 18th. She started her long road with a lumen catheter placed in her chest, a bone marrow aspiration, and bone marrow biopsy on May 18th. Then she followed up with two types of chemotherapy and immunosupressive drug therapy from May 19th-22nd, and underwent total body irradiation on May 23rd. She received her transplant on May 24th. Her donor gave her triple the usual amount of marrow cells!!!!!!

She has been in isolation at the hospital and is in very good spirits. The doctors say that they have never seen someone bounce back from a transplant like she has. Nora has only gotten sick one day and her hair has not fallen out yet. She has been continually laughing, eating, drinking and exercising. Which her doctors say is a really good sign. We wait daily for her blood counts, which have been holding low but steady, and we hope she will begin to graft in the next few weeks.

There is a candy cart that comes on Fridays and the kids in isolation play bingo with walkie-talkies twice a week. She has karate and yoga teachers who come in to train her and keep her muscles moving. She has a teacher who comes in everyday so she will not miss out on her education. Other child life volunteers come in everyday to let her try new and differnet thinks like music, knitting, dance, and drama. I have to mention the clowns from the Big Apple Circus! This week Nora has a “prom” at the hospital where she and I will be dressed up and dancing the day away. Next month is “Graduation” so there is plenty for her to look forward to.

She will be in isolation for at least 30 days waiting for the donor’s bone marrow to successfully graft. Nora currently has no immunity and is VERY susceptible to infection. When she begins to make blood, she will move to the clean room of the Ronald McDonald house for the next 1-2 months. Nora still has a very long road ahead of her but she is ready for every step of this fight.

We thank everyone for their prayers and support. “We couldn’t do this without your support.” Please continue to pray for Nora’s healing and our continued strength. If all goes well, she will be home for Labor Day.

Love the Getchells!


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