Nora August 2012

Hi Everyone!

It has been awhile since we wrote. So many things have happened since Nora’s transplant on  May 24th. She has been doing great! She and her friends at the Ronald McDonald House rule the place. She had a wonderful time at Ronald Camp (its now over) and her numbers slowly were going up. Then she got a cold and her numbers plummeted. We were very nervous, the doctors couldn’t tell us why, and she had to have yet another bone marrow biopsy. That happened the same week of the Smith Point Triathlon so needless to say, I was a mess.

Our anxiety was in vain because her numbers bounced right back after she cleared her body of her cold. The biopsy and DNA results all came back and the transplant is successful! She has full functioning bone marrow she is producing A- blood and her DNA is 89% male (which is good). 

We are waiting for her numbers to climb above “normal” and then Dr. Boulad will send us home.

Keep praying for Nora and if you could please add her friends here at the Ronald McDonald House. 


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