Nora’s going home!!!!!!

We got the OK today from Dr. Boulad. Her numbers are up we can go home!!!! YIPPIEEEEE!!!!!!!

We have to come to Sloan on Monday’s and Stonybrook on Thursday’s. We are elated, but for Nora it is bittersweet. We have made so many friends here at the house that saying Goodbye is going to be hard. Here she is “normal” out in the world, people look at her bald head, gloves and face-mask and are very uncomfortable. (If you see her… don’t feel bad, she is healing.)

She is also going to miss being around everyone else who is in the same boat. I am going to miss being around other parents who know the lingo, who are so generous and remarkable. We are part of a “club” that no one wants membership. I am also going to miss having someone else cook dinner every night!!!!

We will be heading out Tuesday, August 28th around 2pm and should be home by 4pm. Looking forward to seeing Nugget and all our loving and supportive friends in Mastic Beach.

Goodbye Ronald McDonald House, Hello Long Island!


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