Nora 26

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time since I wrote an update. Nora came home about a month ago. She is doing wonderful! We travel back and forth to the city for tests and her numbers are remarkable. She is a miracle.

We have been trying to get into a groove but just can’t seem to get it worked out. My mind is a sieve lately but  as life becomes more “normal” we shall figure it out. I have been homeschooling her as she cannot return to school until her protocol is completed and she gets her immunizations. She has a tutor come 3 days a week for two hours and she goes to spanish lessons with my friend Ketty and to religion class with my friend Barbara. We were hoping she would go back in February but it looks more like May. She will be able to return full time next year for 3rd grade.

Her spirits are up and she is FULL OF ENERGY. Her lips are once again pink and she has started to grow hair. She is starting to take on some characteristics of her donor… It seems that she is growing her donors hair as it is very thick. (She had very thin hair before transplant.) Her tastes have changed. She now hates orange juice and loves peanut butter which was not the case a few months ago. They have blended beautifully and her DNA is 98% his. He is our hero and we hope he agrees o meet us 2014. She may have to begin estrogen shots in a few years to go through puberty but the doctors say it is to early to tell. She is amazing and everyday we are so grateful to have her here with us.

Thank you all so much for your support, love and prayers. We never would have made it this far without all of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

On a sad note, my friend Bob DeBona passed away Saturday night. He and his wife Lynne started “Friends of Nora Getchell.” Because of them, 6 people (that we know of) have a second chance at life because he fundraised and managed the details for almost all of Nora’s drives. He—daily—helped our family through our most difficult time. Our hearts ache at this loss. He was a good friend, true gentleman and we are all better for knowing him. Please keep Bob in your prayers.

The Getchell’s
Shawn, Maureen, Arik, Nora and Nugget


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