Nora Got the Flu!

Nora went back to school in January. She was having a great time with her friends and everyone was so happy to have her back. She was even PE student of the month! Things were going great and we were finally feeling almost normal.

Then on February 11th, Nora got the H1N1 Flu. Because of her suppressed immunity it wreaked havoc on her system and she was hospitalized the 16th & 17th. All her blood counts dropped dangerously low, she became neutropenic and she had a fever over 102 degrees. She was on Tamiflu and got IVs of antibiotics and a few g-shots. We have been going to Sloan every Monday and Stony Brook every Friday.

She is feeling much better but is still testing positive for the flu. She had a chimerism test and a bone marrow biopsy but the tests were inconclusive. Her marrow is in overdrive making cells to fight the virus so the team can’t figure if the cells are hers or her donors. We are all watching closely to see if they will once again become aplastic or if she begins to show signs of graft versus host disease. So we just have to wait until she fights off the flu to see what is going on.

We are certainly feeling discouraged by the setback as we head into week 4 of the flu, but we are hopeful that her donor’s cells will fight the virus and return better than ever to create blood for Nora without harming her. He’s been so nice for the past 9 months…

We hope to have this virus beat by her 8th birthday on March 14th.
Please keep her in your prayers.


One thought on “Nora Got the Flu!

  1. Hi, I’m sorry Nora is going through this. We met at Sloan, Emily had her transplant January 8th and is doing really well. We are at Sloan on Mondays, Emily’s appointment is at 11:30 every Monday. I was looking something up about aplastic anemia and saw this about Nora. We wil pray for her am you guys . Please tell Nora Happy Birthday from Emily. Good luck with everything!!

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