Nora update

Hi Everyone,

Nora has been having a bad couple of weeks.

Her platelets have dropped to 28 (should be over 200), red cells to 8 (should be over 12) and neutrophils to .9 (should be 2.5) Her lymphocytes are up to 50 (should be around 20) and the doctors have ordered another bone marrow biopsy for Monday. Nora is bummed about her back being drilled but she is happy to go to Ronald McDonald again.

The doctors are talking about another possible round of AGT to destroy her T-Cells and a Stem Cell Boost from her Donor —or— a round of Chemo to kill her B-Cells and a Stem Cell Boost from her Donor. Which treatment we go with will depend on which cells are rogue. Both treatments are in clinical trials so we are not happy with the lack of research and long term effects.

We should have more information next week. Either way, it looks like we are in for a few more years of treatment. We are frustrated, scared and angry but have faith that she will get better.

Please pray for her healing and for her donor as he will have to go through harvest again — if he agrees to donate. Pray that he does!

Love the Getchell’s
Shawn, Maureen, Arik, Nora & Nugget



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