Nora’s Fourth of July

Hi Everyone,

Our Fourth of July ended with a late Sunday night trip to the ER at Stony Brook. The croup got the better of her. Nora had a fever of 101.3 and she needed antibiotics and platelets. We were sent home at 3:30am only to get in the car to Sloan by 5:30am for an 8:00am appointment Monday morning. Nora was admitted and was given more antibiotics and four pints of antibody infused blood! Thankfully my brother came to the rescue and picked up Arik at the hospital. His lovely wife is watching him for the week. THANK YOU!
We are still at Sloan. This Tuesday morning Nora’s fever broke, she was able to eat and she was once again all smiles and sass. Nora got her rituximab chemo today and needs a cat scan tomorrow (Wednesday). We will be here until Thursday afternoon… best case. They need to see how well she does without antibiotics and they need to schedule when she will get the rest of her rituximab. She will come in again around July 20th to begin her 5 day AGT treatment.
But we do have good news… Nora’s donor said YES! He has agreed to donate his stem cells! He should be donating around July 13th. The team will freeze his cells and give a portion to her around July 26th and will keep the rest incase she needs another boost.
We will be around the hospital most of July and August. Please if you are able, get everyone you know to donate blood. The NYBlood Center is short 6000 pints for the summer! We are fearful there will not be enough for her if we don’t get that number smaller. Any NYBlood center or drive is ready and waiting for your blood! You can also donate to MSKCC directly. There are LOTS of kids on this floor, and Ronald McDonald House is full! They all will need it.
Thank you for all your prayers we are certainly being tested for our perseverance.

Love, Shawn, Maureen, Arik, Nora and Nugget



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