Nora update

She keeps going in to the doctor and her numbers keep dropping. Every week she gets platelets and a g-shot. She doesn’t seem to be grafting the stem cells into her marrow. The doctors are “concerned” and she will need a biopsy in the near future to get a better idea what is going on. This is really taking the wind out of my sails but she is full of life and energy. She is really so amazing.

So we are just waiting to see what the doctors say. We have an appointment on Monday and she gets pentamidine (preventative lung medicine) on Thursday. I will keep you posted on her Facebook page and on her blog

Thank you for all your prayers!
Love, Maureen, Shawn, Arik & Nora

P.S. I will be sending future updates through mail chimp. I just realized that many of you may want to “unsubscribe” but feel weird telling me. Plus, they make it easier to manage replies.


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