We need prayers

Hi everyone,

We had a busy night. Nora went into septic shock and spiked a fever of 103.7 She was transferred to NY Presbyterian for observation because they have a triage and if anything went wrong they could attend to her. The doctors think this is happening because of an infection in her mediport. Her mediport is a little disk inserted under her skin with a catheter that does directly into her heart. It is the access spot on her chest where they draw blood and insert medicine. Because the mediport leads directly into her heart, the infection in her port was quickly pushed all around her body. She is neutropenic again and have received 2 whole bloods, 2 platelets, a whole lot of fluids, antibiotics and antivirals last night. She broke the fever and we came back to Sloan this morning.

Today the doctors removed her mediport, put in a temporary catheter, and did a biopsy. There were not very many marrow cells in the sample. Her neutrophils are at zero and without transfusions, she is not making red blood or platelets. The doctors are still very concerned.

The best case is she had a bad infection in her port which really beat up her marrow and now she is going to re-graft. Worst case is her marrow is failing and we will have to find a NEW donor and do this all over again.

It’s time to pray for the best but plan for the worst. So… We need bone marrow and blood drives set up again. We need money to pay for those drives and most of all we need prayers… Rosaries, candles, chaplets, positive vibes, mi sheberakh, psalms, healing thoughts, offerings… Please! We really need you to beg God for Nora’s healing. We need a miracle.

The Getchell’s


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