Transplant October 5th

Nora received her cells on October 5th at 3am. Her new donor gave her a liter! She seems to be doing well. Her energy is not what it was last year but that can certainly be attributed to 11 doses of total body radiation and 2 days of chemo.

She has been having a few complications; the rhinovirus is still in her system; constant diarrhea; mouth sores, which make it extremely difficult to eat; high blood pressure, which makes her unbelievably emotional; and possible acute graft vs. host in the form of blisters (similar to sunburn) on the soles of her feet that burn from the inside out (they may also be from the radiation so we are waiting to see if they get better). She is back on the immunosuppressive Cyclosporine which makes her hairy and makes her gums swell. All of the complications and her hair falling out is making for a tough time emotionally. She has bouts of sobbing and anger. This combined with the fact that smacked me in the face—she is probably in the early stages of puberty! To say we have gotten on an emotional roller-coaster is an understatement.

Yesterday Nora had a pretty bad fall. She was coming out of the bathroom, decided to step on the base of her IV pole and kick off using it like a scooter, when the base pushed out and the weight of 6 pumps, 5 bags of fluid, and 5 bags of medicine toppled over onto her arm and leg. Thankfully she did not hit her head, nor did the pumps land on any organs. She received platelets through the night and today you can barely see a bruise.

So that is where she is. This time has certainly been tough but she will power through and be stronger and better than ever.

A special thank you to the Columbiettes and Biodex Medical who had a blood drives in Nora’s honor, thank you to cousin Mo who put together a fundraiser in Brooklyn. Keep in mind there are two new blood drives coming up on October 13th at St. Jude in Mastic Beach and October 30th at Central Elementary School in Glen Rock New Jersey, Hosted by Girls on the Run Glen Rock Girls.

We would once again like to thank everyone who has been supporting us through this long road. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts… this road would be impassable without your generosity.

Love the Getchell’s


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