Hi it’s NORA

Hi I’m writing my own blog now. I have been doing great since my mom’s last post. I came home from Ronald for good around New year’s. My puppy was so excited to see me. I have been a little sick but not much. My antibodies dropped a bit in December so I needed ivig for ITP which is low platelets. My body still kind of kills my platelets. I have had pentaminie so I won’t get pneumonia. Other than that I am doing really well. My mom and brother both had strep and I didn’t get it. So my immune system is working.

I’m still homeschooling and my teacher comes two days a week. She is very nice. Feb 10 th was my big best  brother 10 th birthday. He went to see the Lego movie and hibachi. I watch movies all day long. We went to Ronald McDonald house cause of the snow storm. When I came home we had a water fight in the house. Mom swert me in the face with water I went in to my room to get dressed I looked for my swimsuit but it was packed up for the summer so I came out in my underwear. My brother laffed at me then we watched the sword in the stone with king Arthur. The next day I made breakfast for the family I made toast and bacon we were out of eggs then I made my bed and cleaned my room then I started to write this.


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