Hi everyone, 

It has been a really long time since I sent an update. Nora is doing amazing! She is back in school and making friends. She just had her 10th birthday party! Can you believe it! We are so overjoyed by this. In May of 2011 when Nora was diagnosed with Very Severe Aplastic Anemia she was given a slim chance of making it to her 10th birthday. We are coming up to 4 years post diagnosis and she is beating the odds in every way. She is our miracle. Look at the picture of her with her classmates at her birthday party. 🙂


I’m writing this update for a few reasons. Nora is beating the odds and as our biggest supporters, I am sorry I haven’t sent emails on a regular basis. But with our life getting back to normal the work, school and fun has made us quite busy and I no longer need to use theses letters as therapy! AMEN!

I am also writing because Nora has an MRI on April 1st and we need all the prayers you can muster. Her liver has had high levels of iron and the phlebotomy’s don’t seem to be lowering those counts fast enough. So the doctors want to see if the iron is causing damage to her liver. Please pray she has a clean liver for this test. Nora is supposed to go on her Make-A-Wish trip this April and I don’t think she could take it if it was to be cancelled again. 

The second purpose of this email is to let you know about Kevin Cowley. Kevin is Nora’s second donor! He lives in Minnesota and he is married to a wonderful woman, Erika, and they have two little boys. We have been chatting via email, on Facebook and on the phone. Nora asked Kevin if he had ever been to New York and he said, “He has never been to New York  or seen ocean!”  I know to those of us who live listening to its waves think that concept is unbelievable, but its true! Here is a picture of Kevin and his family. How cute are they? Now we know where Nora gets her new hair color!


Also, Nora really wants to meet Kevin this July. We have been looking into flights for his family from St. Paul Minnesota to New York JFK (Non-stop because his kids are both under 3). Also we have been looking into accommodations for him to stay. (Because we live in a matchbox of a beach bungalow that puts Manhattan Apartments and the small house movement to shame.) So we are looking for either donated air miles (Delta) for Kevin and his family to come to NY. We also need a donated beach house from July 8th-16th. Or monetary donations so we can help pay for the above. We have priced about $5000.00 for a total trip. $1588.80+tax for the roundtrip flight for 4 and $2971.40 for accommodations in Mastic Beach, plus food and maybe a rental car. 

If you can, any amount would be appreciated. Nora would just love to meet Kevin. Checks can be made out to: Nora Getchell, PO Box 89 Mastic Beach, NY 11951. Or an online donation to her gofundme site. http://www.gofundme.com/friendsofnora

We are so blessed to have Nora well and with us. We are so excited to meet Kevin Cowley, a selfless man who gave his own Bone Marrow to save our baby’s life. Without Kevin, Nora would be in heaven.

Please continue to pray for Nora and our family. Also, please pray for Kevin and his family as they are the type of people we all aspire to be like. May God hold him in the hollow of His hand. 

Love Always, 

Maureen, Shawn, Arik, Nora, Nugget and Bob (the fish) Getchell


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